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Hi my name is Gering Lopez and I am simply a maniac when it comes to art.

I was born and raised in the UK however due to some personal reasons I decided to quit my homeland and moved to USA. Yes USA is a great country and the facilities of life are excellent here. There were many cities in the USA which I considered for my relocation, however finally I decided to make New York my permanent home. There were many reasons behind this decision of mine however one of the major reasons was art!

The prices of the artwork present at the fair will range between $100 and $10,000

Yes, art is something which has attracted me from my childhood.

My mother was very bothered by my painting habits as I used to make different figures right on the wall of my home. I stopped this practice of mine when my mother bought me some colors and canvas so that I could quench my art thirst through it. Initially I was fond of painting however once I grew up and started going to college, I came to know that art is not merely painting; rather there are many other aspects to it as well such as poetry, sculpturing and writing etc.

Despite my professional studies I always had time for art.

I read many books on famous artists of their time such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci. I also wrote a lot of books on different aspects of art. Particularly, I was very fond of painting and sculpturing hence I read a lot of tutorials and articles on these two aspects a lot.

A great thing about New York is that the opportunities pertaining to art are aplenty here.

There are many training institutes here as well where you can go and learn any kind of art skill which you admire. Similarly the city is blessed with some of the most awesome art galleries and museums. Usually during weekends I go to these galleries and see the exhibits that are displayed here. Seldom have I missed any art event held in these galleries. My quest for art also took me to other regions of the USA as well. I have seen all the major art galleries that have been established in different cities and states of the USA.

Despite my craze for art I do not have people in my social circle who admire it as I do.

Yes, generally people are so tech-savvy that they hardly have any interest in things like painting, poetry and sculpturing. I always thought that there must be someone whom I can talk to in this regard and discuss the things that are there in my heart. Thanks to the modern day internet, today distances are negligible. After a lot of thought process I decided to create my own blog page where I could share my ideas and thoughts on both modern and contemporary art.

The purpose of this blog page is to create a social circle where we can all discuss art.

I regularly write blogs and articles related to different subjects of art. Sometimes I write about paintings, sometimes I write about poetry and sometimes I give some time to the subject of sculpturing as well. My sole purpose is to share my experiences and promote art in the new generation which hardly has any interest in the subject.

I also constantly write and put videos related to different art events that are about to be held in different parts of New York.

The purpose is to encourage people to visit these events and learn about various dimensions of art that exist in our society. You can get all the credible information pertaining to different events that are about to be held in New York by reviewing my write ups and videos. I also give my reviews on the events or exhibitions which I have already attended which means that in advance you will have the idea whether it is worthy to attend a particular event or not.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and I hold high regard for your views as well. Hence you can always comment on my articles and videos so that I may have an idea about what you guys are thinking related to the ideas which I have proposed.