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Agora Gallery Chelsea New York City

Agora Gallery Chelsea New York City


New York is home to wonderful art galleries and the majority of these art galleries are home to some of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. Some of the artworks placed in these galleries belong to modern artists and some works are more linked with the classical artists of the past. In this article I will be touching upon the Agora Gallery. The gallery really fascinated me and hence I decided to shed some light on it.

The Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery showcases some of the best pieces of contemporary arts

The Agora Gallery was established back in the year 1984. The gallery is a place which provides you the opportunity to see some of the best pieces of contemporary arts. The main purpose behind the establishment of gallery was to promote international and national artists who could not get proper exposure of the market due to one reason or another. The Gallery serves as a connection platform for artists. Through this gallery skillful artists get connected with art collectors, professionals and other artists. The purpose behind the establishment of these connections is to develop a family which is dedicated towards the fine art world. The collectors who come to the gallery are provided with a huge range of artworks which are both attractive as well as original.

Gallery Location

The beautiful Agora Gallery lies very much in the center of New York City. The gallery lies in the Chelsea district. The exhibition space of the gallery is open and is lit with 18 foot ceilings. The ceiling contributes to the shining of different kinds of art works that are available here. The floor plan of the gallery is spread over an area of 4000 square feet. Such a spacious outlook makes this gallery a perfect arena for excellent exhibitions.

Art Is Spectrum

ARTisSpectrum Magazine

Agora Gallery also has the privilege of producing the very popular “ARTisSpectrum“. ARTisSpectrum is basically a magazine dedicated to art. The magazine gets published biannually. The magazine is a mixed blend of engaging articles and profound imagery created by professionals. The magazine is a must-read for you if you are someone who wants to make a career in art. Similarly useful information for collectors, amateur art lovers and interior designers is also very much there in the magazine. All the latest art events are also covered in it too. The magazine is available in several book stores of USA. The most famous of these book stores is Barnes & Noble. ARTisSpectrum also gets distributed to museums, consulates, societies and cultural institutions all over the globe.

The Coming Event

Metamorphosis Event at the Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is home to several exhibitions and events. Of course most of these exhibitions are held at different times of the year. The event, which is currently being organized by the gallery, is Metamorphosis. The event has already become a huge success. About 18 different artists have participated in this event. The event is a combination of change and contrast. Most of the works displayed are linked with human condition, time and place. Via amazing collection, the event develops feelings of mutual transformation and harmony despite the fact that difference is also there.

The Final Word

I have visited several other galleries in New York and the majority of these art galleries are home to fantastic artworks. The Agora Gallery is open throughout the week, hence you can visit it as per your wish. There are many internet forums from where you can get more information pertaining to this highly attractive gallery.