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Inspirations I Get From Art Museums

Inspirations I Get From Art Museums

Art Museums are a great repository of knowledge, otherwise signified as a rich source that is a direct function of the originating region’s cultural heritage and a speculative look at its history and needless say its probable future.

What I find inspiring about Art Museums, in general, is that even during times when I do not feel a great pull toward creativity or artistic (more often aesthetic) thought, just the mere fact of being among the timeless exhibits has a very deep effect in me.

Being part of history invigorates my mental faculties with an unknown objective and trajectory in such a way that I feel as though I am actively taking part in that History. I prefer to rather be lost in thought among the displays in art museums than not. After all, who wants to vanish without a trace?

Digital Art of Women – GirlCum

GirlCum - Art of Multiple Women Cum Orgasms
GirlCum – Art of Multiple Women Cum Orgasms

A lot of art is becoming digital these days. And I’m not talking about scanning some paintings and keeping them in digital version. I’m talking about digital art made from A to Z using computers.

This is the case with GirlCum – a porn art, I would say. This 4K production is a video one and it showcases women in the most uncontrolled situations in their sexual lives – during juicy orgasms. Did you know women can cum multiple times? Take your own notes watching these exclusive videos, after all it’s an art!

The Epic Recordings

Harvard Art Museum

One of the first things that immerse me in the memorable experience I seek by visiting an Art Museum is the arrangement of the exhibits. One prime example is the Harvard Art Museum. Regardless of how often I visit the same gallery, I take steps to not become too comfortable with my surroundings. By doing this, the gallery remains new, no matter how many times I visit it. By not becoming too comfortable with my surroundings the art seems to come alive and also more intrinsic and profound. The pristine empty spaces that hold the exhibits in all their glamour and the descriptive and relativistic appeal they throw on every set of eyes, subjectively to such a promisingly everlasting lasting degree.

The Layout

Exhibitions should be historically accurate

The layout of an art museum should be unforgettable for visitors. Something that visitors should never forget about visiting an art museum is the ambiance that the venue created for them. The visual aspect of visiting an art museum is of paramount importance. Exhibitions should be historically accurate. The expertly controlled lighting along with the atmosphere should offer minimal distractions, for me. When done right, I feel in tune with the exhibits, a vibrational rhythm that I believe takes me closer to any particular creation.

Taking Notes

Although the practice may seem a little crude, taking notes of the art I saw while paying a visit to an art museum, helps me to better be able to recall the artworks at a later stage. After all, what could be better than browsing through a few notes, long after the visit is over? For me taking notes adds another dimension of depth to my art museum visit.

Inspiration At Work

Although I am a writer by hobby and profession and tend to be inspired by Art Museums. Visiting an art museum gives me renewed inspiration for writing a new piece or simply finishing off a piece I recently penned down, I believe that I am a testament to how inspirational a visit to an Art museum could be.

As Sylvaan Muldoon had once said, “If you want to feel it, then experience it!” Art Museums truly do leave long lasting impressions on those who visit them.