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The Top 5 Art Exhibitions I’m Looking Forward To This Year

The Top 5 Art Exhibitions I’m Looking Forward To This Year

As the year goes by, there are some of the amazing art exhibitions to look forward to. This year, the art exhibitions are promising excitement and opening new horizons among the artists all over the world. I am in the league of those people to be waiting excitingly to witness some of the finest works that today’s artists can bring in front of us and cherish those moments in our life. My favourite cities for art are going to exhibit some of the finest works of artists like Keith Haring to Cindy Sherman, and the exhibition like 400 years of collage at the National Gallery will be on display this year at various renowned art galleries and museums around the world.

Top 5 Art Exhibitions All Over The World

· FamilySwapXXX – Digital Only

2020 should be marked as a birth of family swapping trend. It’s pretty simple in concept and in execution. Thanks to Nubiles you can now see the adult interpretation of this social phenomenon. It’s simple – they took 4 families, 4 members each and let them start mixing it up with relationships. What would be the outcome? They hope for creating a 5th family, but let’s be honest – in reality it will be all about having some specific kind of fun.

Family swapping concept taking XXX turn with Nubiles

· Keith Haring At Tate Liverpool, UK

This year Tate Liverpool will be hosting the exhibition, portraying some of the finest works by artist Keith Haring that includes more than 85 artworks, comprising sculptures, drawings, and large paintings. It will be titled simply Keith Haring, which would highlight the role of activism in his art work. In addition, it will also bring out some posters, videos, and photographs to showcase the vibrancy of the late 1880’s street culture of New York that Haring reflects and embraces.

The exhibition Keith Haring can be witnessed at Tate Liverpool from 14th June to 10th November 2019.

· 400 Years Of Collage At The National Galleries Of Scotland

This is the first ever survey exhibition to take place in the UK – Cut and Past: 400 Years of Collage that will bring together around 250 works at the Scottish National Gallery of the Modern Art. It will bring together computer-based images, works by an amateur, unknown artists and professionals, collages by children, 16th-century anatomical “flap prints”, and collages from revolutionary cubist masterpieces by Pablo Picasso.

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh will be displaying Cut and Past: 400 Years of Collage from 29th June to 27th October 2019.

· Kiki Smith In Belvedere

A major survey work of the American artist, Kiki Smith, will be hosted at the Lower Belvedere. The exhibition Procession will put a focus on sculpture, including recent pieces of around sixty works from the last three decades. The show will depict references to advancing, taking action, and marching forward as its title is drawn from the Latin “procedere”.

The exhibition Procession will be held in Vienna at the Lower Belvedere from 6th June to 15th September 2019.

· George Baselitz At Venice

A comprehensive show of works by the widely acclaimed artist George Baselitz will be hosted at The Gallerie dell’Accademia. The exhibition will bring together drawings, paintings, and sculptures from the artist’s commendable sixty-year career. George Baselitz will be the first living artist to present a show in the exhibition galleries of the venue. The exhibition has been curated by Professor Kosme de Baranano and conceived for the museum specifically.

The exhibition George Baselitz will be on display at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice from May 2019, during the 58th Venice Art Biennale.

· Cindy Sherman At The National Portrait Gallery

Cindy Sherman’s art will be displayed at The National Portrait Gallery, showcasing her work developed from the mid-1970s till the present day. She will bring around 150 works from private collections and international public, including her ground-breaking series called Untitled Film Stills from 1977-80, which has never been portrayed in a public gallery before.

The exhibition Cindy Sherman will be on display at The National Portrait Gallery of London from 27th June till 15th September 2019.

With these art exhibitions lined up through this year, it’s going to be quite a learning experience for me as well as for the art lovers who look forward to such events to seeing exemplary works by the renowned artists of the globe.