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Top 5 Artists I Love

“Creativity takes courage.”

Henri Matisse


Art is something which fascinates me a lot whether it is a nice theater play, a good painting or a fascinating sculpture, I just simply cannot control my emotions upon getting exposed to art. Just like any other individual not every piece of art is admired by me. There are specific individuals whose artwork really attracts me. In this article I will list five of the most favorite artists of mine. Of course all of these artists belong to New York. The artists have been briefly discussed in the headings below.

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Willey is someone whose portraits really fascinate me. Wiley is blessed with two separate talents. He is exceptional when it comes to painting and is simply awesome in sculpturing. There are many art works of his which are famous all over New York. Around 60 of his pieces are displayed in the famous Brooklyn Museum. Another important thing about Wiley lies in the fact that he was admired by Michael Jackson for his equestrian paintings. Wiley was born in the year 1977 and is a big name in New York when it comes to naturalistic paintings.

Kehinde Wiley : A New Republic
Hank Willis Thomas: The Cotton Bowl

Hank Willis Thomas

Thomas is a big name among the circles of Conceptual Artists. The artist has produced several master pieces and also has the Center of Photography award to his name. He also has the privilege of being appointed to the Public Design Commission of USA. One of Thomas’ works was also displayed in the Jack Shainman Gallery. That particular work has been acquired by several other institutions as well including the popular Museum of Modern Art. Thomas was born in the year 1976 and has done professional art studies from the California College of the Arts.

Teresita Fernandez

Born in the year 1968 Teresita Fernandez is a well-known visual artist primarily popular for her beautifully crafted public sculptures. She designs her sculptures with lot of creativity and utilizes different materials unconventionally during her designing process. Her work is a mix blend of psychology and perception. It seems that her inspiration comes from natural phenomena and landscapes. There is flair of cultural references and history as well in her works. Optical illusions are the key feature of her sculptures. Teresita also has the privilege of receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship and a MacArthur Fellowship. She has also officially served in US Commission of Fine Arts.

Teresita Fernandez and Her Golden Panorama
Mickalene Thomas : Moment's Pleasure

Mickalene Thomas

Born in the year 1971 Mickalene Thomas is basically an African American by race and is also a professional artist at the same time. She is famous for complex paintings equipped with enamel, rhinestones and acrylic. She takes her inspiration from visual culture, history and pop art. Her paintings revolve around ideas like race, femininity, gender and beauty. One of her most famous work is the portrait of Michelle Obama (ex-first lady). The work was displayed in the National Portrait Gallery. Thomas is well educated and has the privilege of graduating from Yale University. She is surely one of my favorites.

Dustin Yellin

Dustin was born in the year 1975 and is currently living in Brooklyn. His specialty lies in the making of sculptures. The unique thing about Dustin is that he utilizes different layers of glass in order to come up with a collage which is three dimensional in nature. Most of his works became famous due to their dystopian themes. There are several different works because of which Dustin is recognized all over USA. Some of his works which really caught my attention were Psychogeographies, The Triptych, Little Grandfather and 10 Parts. Apart from these works there are countless other works as well.

Dustin Yellin : Psychogeography no.43


These were the five artists which I think are the best currently. As a New Yorker you can easily find the works of these popular names in different well-known Galleries that are available here in New York. Apart from these aforementioned artists there are several others which I have not covered in this article. You can know about other popular artists by clicking this link by NY post.

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